Unique features

Porcupine is a sophisticated tool for creating and editing index.

Intuitive design

Intuitive design promotes clear hierarchical structure of well-organised index. Program is easy to learn and to understand and is extremely user friendly.
Key points of work are accessible through many shortcuts and buttons.

Adaptive and efficient

Indexing can be done for different types of text.
One can quickly learn basics and capture advanced features that boost efficiency.


Small, medium or huge number of topics are all controlled with a same simple approach.
Indexer always see the work as a whole while manipulating details.

Basic functionailty

Simple entering of topics in a maximum four level hierarchical structure is supplemented and extended with artificial intelligence-like choosing of meta-topics through drop down combo-boxes. Thereby typos are minimised. Index is printed or exported to rtf/pdf.

Additional features

Locators are protected. After entering volume and page number index entry automatically get locked preventing editing and deleting.
Topics with in-depth coverage may be marked and formatted (bold). Spell checker can additionally be used if installed.

Search engine and extensive changes

By the help of different ways of searching one can easily locate explicit topic. Massive changes, replacements and moves of topics enable restructuring of keywords and concepts.

Basic Idea

This project was originally designed for indexing scholarly texts, large publications and encyclopaedias. It aspires to follow worldwide recognised principles for creating accurate, effective, readable indexes. It covers demands for creating index of all types of texts.

What Can Porcupine Do

Desktop publishing and word processing programs have serious limitiations when it comes to manipulate the structure inside of a complex index.
Real time creating

Real time creating

No need to generate index

Once you enter the topic it exists in global list of all expressions. You can then choose it by starting typing. Drop down list will offer all similar topics.

Building the structure

Building the structure

Artificial intelligence -like interface

You can always see if sub topic has been used earlier at a certain level and whether it was used as a subtopic to specific head topic. Reader will appreciate clean and logical structure of index.

Global replacing and moving

Global replacing and moving

Tools for easy manipulation of topics

While polishing readability indexer needs to globally change, rephrase or move topics up and down the structure.

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